Looking After Your Tree

Once you’ve found the perfect tree you don’t want it to wilt and lose its sparkle before the big day. A looked after tree can stay in good condition for up to 4 weeks, but if well maintained, many more. Below you can find out how to keep your tree in tip top condition!

Getting home

Once you’re home, take the tree out of its net and leave it outside in a bucket of water until you’re ready to put it up. If you can leave it in the shed or garage it provides a good stepping stone to putting the tree indoors.

As with any house plant, your tree will need to be watered to ensure longevity. We suggest the best way is a tree stand that allows the tree to sit in water. This will give you a lovely fragrance and good needle retention. Be sure to keep up with watering as you’ll be amazed how much a Christmas tree drinks.

Photo By Ralph Coulson

Positioning your tree

Your tree is an outdoor plant so likes to be kept away from too much heat. If you can avoid radiators it would be best, but if thats not possible we advise turning your radiator down/off where you can. If you have underfloor heating and you can turn zones down/off then we advise to do so, if thats not an option putting your tree on a matt will help. Obviously this isn’t always practical but will provide the best results.

One of our trees once decorated

Potted trees

You may have decided that you would rather have a potted tree, if you did then all of the above still applies but you will also be able to keep your tree after Christmas. This will give you the chance to keep your tree and bring it back indoors for years to come.

You can either plant your tree in the ground to allow it to use the moisture from the soil or leave it in its pot and keep watering it throughout the spring/summer months. Bear in mind that as it grows, re-potting may be required to give the roots room.

Planting Container Grown Trees 2021
Planting potted trees 2021


When the time comes to take down your tree then there are a few ways to dispose of your tree responsibly. Don’t forget that as a natural product trees can be recycled!

You can take your tree to the local council refuse area or there are local charities that will collect your unwanted tree for a donation to their cause. They will then recycle or dispose of the tree for you in a responsible manner.

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