Getting the shop ready Pt I

Our hope is that the shop is going to be a comfortable place for you to get your supplies. This is not how the shed started however. It was originally put up by Mick in the 70’s, using second hand roofing and re-purposed wood.

Originally it was put up to increase the amount of pigs that the farm could hold. It was in the 10mx15m building the pigs would farrow (give birth) and look after their young.

Originally there were walls and far more posts, but after the pigs left in the 90’s the walls were knocked out. Mick and Richard changed the posts so that the space was more usable for keeping equipment and stock related to the Soft fruit. Though, this must have moved slightly over time and put pressure on the roof sheets which took its toll. As they started to age they started to split and leak, to the point where we could only fit 5 strategically placed pallets in the dry!

We decided that despite all of this that the location was perfect, being amongst the trees it will allow you to walk out amongst the trees just a few short steps from the comfort of the indoors. Between the Christmas shop and needing a shed for the rest of the year there was only one option – the roof had to come off and some serious repairs were required.

So after three days of carefully removing the old roof we had a better idea of the scale we are working with, it certainly makes it look a lot bigger.

From here we are going to put bases in for the new posts and have a local building firm in. They make the new timber frame for the tin that will be going on some time in May. Keep an eye out to see how it all comes on and to get a sneak peak of the shed before we open late November.

Until then, Jack

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