Getting the shop ready PT II

Well it’s been a busy couple of months here at West Hyde, the shed has come on leaps and bounds and is very nearly watertight!

Firstly we started by digging out new footings for the 3 posts that will support the shed. For this we had to break up the the old floor, working out where the new floor level will be (more on this later) and digging a 0.6m cube in readiness for the concrete. We then had a local concrete mixing firm come and mix up the concrete as we ran it to the holes in wheel barrows.

Then we were ready for the framework to be erected! For this local building firm Belmor came and spent a week making a bespoke frame that fitted around the original walls and making sure it stayed within keeping of the original roof. They have done a fantastic job and the wooden beams are a real feature of the shed.

Once the frame was in place we thought it would be prudent to get another firm of specialists to fit the roof itself. The roof is an insulated composite tin that should help to keep the shed warm when you come to get your trees and decorations. Now we have a roof we are just waiting for the final flashings to come that will cover up all of the edges, these had to be ordered once the roof was on though as the measurements could only be taken once it was all up. Hopefully these will come in the next few weeks and we will, for the first time in years, have a water tight shed!

The next job is the floor! Due to its time as a pig shed it had four different levels at three different heights to allow the pigs to be cleaned out easily. We are currently removing the middle two raised floors and this will allow us to have one level throughout, thats the plan anyway! Keep an eye out here for updates and get a sneak peek on the shed before we open in November.

Until then, Jack

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