We are open!!!

Well we made it, just about , in time for opening. The trees were ready and the shop stocked up, it was a mad dash at the end but we got there.

Firstly thank you to those that came and supported us in our first weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed welcoming you and it was lovely to hear all of the positive feedback after all of the hard work that has gone in. We also welcomed a few classic Land Rovers as part of their road run on Sunday, giving a lovely photo opportunity.

Photo by Ralph Coulson

There were a few teething problems as were to be expected, on the whole though it went well. The weather playing it’s part being the biggest issue, trying and succeeding in tearing down the tent that we thought might provide some shelter. Unfortunately the seams were not as sturdy as hoped! Inside though no such issues, the wind would dampen spirits, the heater kept the shed toasty and the hot drinks provided a little boost where required.

We hope that you all enjoyed coming as much as we all enjoyed having you and we can’t wait to see you all again soon, and if we haven’t seen you yet, where have you been? Never mind, we look forward to seeing you when you get chance to pop in.

Don’t forget we are open 12pm-7pm Thursday and Friday and 9am-6pm Saturday and Sunday

Until then, Jack

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