Christmas shop part V

Well it’s been a while since I managed to find time for an update, as it’s been a busy couple of months here at West Hyde! Finally though the shed is starting to take shape and we will soon be ready, fingers crossed.

Meg has finished cladding the office and it looks stunning, the perfect backdrop to your photos in the sleigh! The walls have all had a lick of paint round the inside, though unfortunately rain appears to be permeating in through the walls, so we are currently painting the outside to stop this in future. Only now do people tell us this was obviously going to be a problem! Then we will have to repaint the inside again so it will look spick and span for you all.

The doors have had an overhaul. As the original doors had dropped a little over the years and in places, mainly where the pigs played with them, they were very rotten. To overcome this we made new bottom doors for the far end, and whilst we were at it even insulated them to try and keep the shed warm while you browse. We then adjusted the top doors and made sure they fitted as they were intended!

Whilst Dad and I have been busy with the doors Mum has been flat out painting, window frames, doors door frames and cladding throughout the farm, you name it if it’s wooden she’s probably painted it. Meg has been getting the sleigh finished so that you can have your pictures taken and as well as this preparing to make wreaths, it really has been all go!

This weekend we are working hard on the till area which will house our till and our bean-to-cup coffee machine. As well as making display stands and crates so that you will be able to see all we have to offer

In the spare minutes we snatched to have a break we were still on Christmas duty trying various mulled wines (quite the chore I assure you!) so that we can offer you the full range of hot drinks to wind down with. As well as testing the mulled wine we also had a bit of time unboxing a few decorations to show you all, to see a few pictures head of to our facebook page for a look.

I will try and keep the blog updated in the coming weeks, but if I don’t manage to we look forward to seeing you all once we open. Don’t forget, 26th November!

Until then, Jack

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