Getting the shop ready PtIII

Well, what can I say! the floor is in and its starting to feel like we may actually have a shop on our hands. We just can’t wait to show you all.

Over the past few weeks, the new floor has been laid in the middle. The outsides have been repaired (due to the concrete wearing down during its life as a pig shed). The floor at least is now ready for its use through the year to keep all of our equipment for looking after the trees and to allow a trip free experience for everyone visiting come November!

Now the floor is in we can start working back upwards, with new wiring, lights and sockets going in to give plenty of scope for the future. The walls have been painted and we are starting to cover the rafters of the adjoining roof. Hopefully soon we will get the floor painted and start thinking about how we are going to arrange the shed come November, though I am sure we all have various layout in our heads already. I can’t think they are all the same however and I’m sure there will be much discussion in coming weeks!

Most excitingly we are looking forward stock arriving as it should be doing so in the next few weeks! Keep an eye out on here to see what we come up with and get a little insight into how its all coming along and maybe even a sneak peak at the decorations we will have to offer!

Until then, Jack

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