Getting the shop ready part IV

Well its all coming along! We are currently deciding what it is all going to look like, I reckon there will be conversation a plenty around that subject!

The wiring has all been done, giving us plenty of sockets should we need them throughout the year but also to allow us to plug in the all important Christmas lights! While we couldn’t do anymore to the floor until the wiring was done we made the most of the time and boarded the rafters of the adjoining shed, we are hoping that we will be able to do something with the space in the future, if we can’t it looks a lot nicer for being boarded up.

Once these were both finished we could get the floor painted. We weren’t sure how it would go but it went down a treat and looks great now its had a lick of paint (we hope you agree). This will not only keep the shed looking good but also help us to keep a nice dust free and clean shop! As well as the floor Meg has started to make the office in the corner look more rustic with a log cabin type effect. Hopefully it will look even better once it is finished!

Until we start properly decorating the shop is going to be a little more in the background as we are currently putting our efforts into the trees. They need to be pruned and shaped early so that in a few years we don’t have Christmas bushes to sell!

Keep an eye on the blog to see what goes into getting the trees into shape!

Until then, Jack.

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